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Aoki wins by sub:

Round 1
Dream flagship referee Yuji Shimada has officiating duties for Aoki-Clementi. They touch gloves and Clementi takes the center. Aoki closes for the clinch, eats a short left hook to the side of the face, and then drops for a single. He puts the American down on the mat. Clementi reaches over to his left side for the kimura from guard and Aoki picks him up to drop him and shake him off. Aoki scrambles half-guard, soon after passing to the mount. Aoki drops a few punches while setting up the top-mounted triangle. Seeing what's coming, Clementi scrambles out from under it, but Aoki maintains the mount. Aoki punches to the back of Clementi's head, then changes to punches to the face as Clementi goes to his side. Shimada hovers closer, threatening to stop the bout. Clementi covers up, but that's all he's doing as Aoki punches away. Aoki starts picking his shots, looking for openings in Clementi's shell defense. It is, of course, just a matter of time until Aoki can coax Clementi's arms away to sink the rear-naked choke.

Five minutes left on the clock and Aoki is still hammering away. Aoki has Clementi's left arm trapped behind his back so Clementi can stop Aoki from racking up these punches. Inexplicably, Shimada breaks them up and gives Clementi a yellow card.

Aoki shoots in and puts Clementi down in the corner again. Shimada repositions them in the center. Clementi reaches over to his left again to look for the kimura, but even if he were to get it, it'd be difficult to finish since Aoki is on top in half-guard. Clementi ties Aoki up in a loose armbar and as the Japanese fighter pulls his arm free, he eats two upkicks. Aoki passes and parks himself in side control. That's where they stay until the bell.

Round 2
They touch gloves. Aoki closes in and takes Clementi's back with a waist-lock. He hops on for full back mount as Clementi drops to the mat. Aoki gets back to work punching at Clementi's head from behind. Clementi, of course, just covers up and endures it. Aoki wraps his arms around in the rear-naked choke setup, but instead of choking Clementi, he puts on a face crank for the tap at 2:32 of round two.

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