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Originally Posted by TraMaI View Post
Honestly, Coq, Mobile App deployment would be you rbest bet. Not only is it a booming business but an easily entrepreneurial one at that. You can make so much money off apps it's ridiculous. There are already a bunch of apps I can think off off hand that Android is missing, not to mention a plethora of games that could be made easily since everyone seems content making stupid repeats of puzzle/jump games -.-
This ^

No shit.

If I were smart enough this crap is exactly what I'd be doing. I have a friend from high school who got this full ride scholarship from the government to go to the state university.. Ass hole checked the "decline" box and mailed it back. Went up to seattle, graduated from digitech, got hired out of college by microsoft making 6 figures starting. The guy teaches at digitech now, works for microsoft.. and he made more money making apps last year than from all other sources combined.

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