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Originally Posted by IronMan
If you just said that Kung Fu is unrealistic, you need to do your homework, doubleleg. Kazushi "the Gracie Killer" Sakuraba is a wing chun expert, which is, coincidentally, a form of kung fu.

Judge the fighter, not the system. If any one system was better, then all of it's fighters would be too, but that's not the case. The fact of the matter is that the five kung fu experts were not really that good and the muay thai experts were experienced street fighters.

It's a good story, but it's not a basis for saying that Muay Thai is a superior art.
Sak, wing chun? He doesnt look like Wing Chun....he is a catch wrestler and I think japanesse jiu jitsu...but Wing Chun? I dont think so...

But if u know something I dont and have a link where it says he's a wing chun man I'll apreciate it...

I do Wing Chun and Ive never seen it in MMA...

Here is another story...

About 2 years ago Sifu Duncan Leung and Sifu Steve Falkner went to China to train 6 underprivilege kids in Wing Chun. They trained 6 days a week for one year and a half and sent those kids to a thai boxing competition. 4 of them won their fights and the other 2 draw. None of the new wing chun fighters lost to the thai boxers using Wing Chun kung fu to win or at least draw.

Wing Chun works!
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