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Guida by UD

Round 1 - Referee Steve Mazzagatti in charge of this highly anticipated lightweight contest. Guida bounces on the outside. He leaps with a few jabs, but Pettis calm to start as he measures. Guida pulls back on a low kick. He's feigning shots. Pettis holding the center of the cage, and he finally fires off a kick. Slapping low kick, but Guida catches it and drives him to the floor. Pettis tries to set up a triangle, but Guida pulls free. Pettis keeps working his legs high, and Guida tries to keep his arms safe. Guida short on a punch from top, but he comes back with a few more that lands. Pettis continues to spin for a submission, but Guida pulling free from them all. Guida stands and controls the legs. Pettis with a leaping kick from his back that misses, but it gets him back to the feet. Guida nets another takedown, and Pettis takes full guard. Guida continues to grind away from the top. Pettis gets his leg on the shoulder. Pettis thinks kimura, but Guida just grinding away. Guida gets to half-mount. Can't get the other leg free, and the bell sounds. It's Guida's round on the card, 10-9.

Round 2 - Plenty of sproing in Guida's step again. he leaps in with a left that scores, but he eats a counter. Low kick from Guida met with a punch over the top. Guida ducks a punch and drives in for a takedown He puts Pettis on the canvas, but the former WWEC champ rests his back against the cage. Guida keeps driving in, but he's not striking, and the crowd gets a little restless. Pettis works to his feet, and he sprawls as Guida grabs a leg. Pettis showing excellent balance, but he needs to get away. He finally does with two minutes remaining, and he catches Guida with a flashy high kick. Spinning kick glances off for Pettis, but the crowd likes it. Low kick from Pettis almost caught. Guida swings and misses with two punches. Guida slips a punch and drives Pettis to the floor. Pettis works closed guard. He breaks and gets his legs on the shoulders again, but he doesn't get it. Another scramble, and Pettis locks in an earnest armbar attempt. It's his first real go at a submission, but the bell sounds. Better work from Pettis in parts, but he needs to stay off his back. scores it for Guida, 10-9.

Round 3 - Traded shots in the center. Guida stalking. Pettis circling on the outside. Guida sucks in again and Pettis is again on his back. One minute in. Pettis trying to control the wrists, but Guida simply grinding away from the top. Not much happening in terms of strikes, but Guida dominating the positioning. Guida advances to half-mount. Shoulder strikes from the top. Pettis gets guard, and he works hard to get back to his feet. He can't. Pettis gets his back to the cage. Two minutes left. Pettis walks up to his feet, but Guida maintains a bodylock and drives a knee into the leg. Scramble on a takedown attempt, and it's Pettis who gets mount. Guida gives up hi s back, and Pettis looking for the miracle finish. One minute left. Pettis very high on the back, and Guida pulls free. Pettis again in guard, and Guida avoids another submission attempt, moves the legs aside and gets to the side. Pettis rolls, Guida takes the back, and he'll finish there. sees the final round for Guida, 10-9, giving him the fight, 30-27. Clay Guida def. Anthony Pettis via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

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