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JDS is the worst coach ever

I hate to say it, we've had so many bad coaches on TUF.

Some would say Ken Shamrock is the worst ever, but Ed Herman won tonight. Do you think anyone from Team Dos Santos will ever win a fight in the UFC again? I don't.

Some would say Quinton Jackson is the worst ever, but his team was horrible. Team Evans was stacked with talent, he had four guys who are likely ranked in the top fifty right now.

I just watched several prospected, promising guys who should not suck and from what I saw from those four boys was shameful.

It's unbelievable to see how horrible those boys looked tonight. To see three of them gas after one round is shocking. And then you had character collapses, guys bragging about beating up other guys, guys taunting in the ring, guys crying hysterically after.

I don't know, this season just made me angry.

Good job Clay, Chris, and Tony for winning contracts, sorry Chuck you didn't draw a Dos Santos fighter you sure looked a hell of a lot better in your lose than Ramsey, Edwards, and Ryan.
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