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Originally Posted by TraMaI View Post
Niche is exactly the opposite of what popular music is. Pop music is consumed by the masses of people (Pop is not a genre as many think, it's a slang term for "Popular Music." Anything from Rock to Rap to Country can be pop music right now). A "niche" musician/band would be something that appeals to a smaller number of people that only like a certain thing. I'm not mad at anyone for making money. This is America and it's a capitalist society, I realize and embrace that completely. The thing I have a problem with is that they dumb music down so baddly that people forget the complexity and genius of older, classical music and generally music that is very complex and well written now is completely forgotten except by "niche" users. I love art as a whole and I wish to preserve the perspective of it and not make it something that appeals to masses just for the sake of making money. It's like taking a picasso and dumbing it down so badly it becomes stock photography. It has nothing to do with money outside of money being the driving force for most of the artists doing these things. I'm not jealous of them for their fame or fortune, I'm just saddened by the fact that some of these fantastic singers and songwriters who could be writing and singing very complex music and stories are essentially selling themselves short because the masses will eat up anything with a great hook and harmony.
well liking music or anything is subjective... saying one is better cause it is more complex then the other.... is like saying Moose Tracks Ice Cream (which i facking LOVE!) is better the straight Chocolate cuz it has a much more complex flavor, and people liking Chocolate more makes me rage cuz they dont understand the complexity and awesomeness of Moose Tracks!!!! and so those fans make me RAGE!!!!!!!! its personal taste... i hate rap, but i used to enjoy ICP when i was young cuz it was funny... im not gonna go to a Gathering of Juggalo's, but to hate fans of a certain group for their taste in music..... well then yes that makes me rage.....

you know what also makes me rage..... people who think Anthony Pettis beat Clay Guida. you cannot justify it, stop trying...... he lost! its not complex on how to determine who won... and Pettis did not.

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