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Lost! ****, eh?

First round I dominated. We stood for a good piece of it, I kept the range and landed lots of kicks, legs and heads. One head connected really ******* hard and he went down on his ass. The ref almost called it. I dived in but unfortunately wasn't smart about it and got put in guard. I pounded the eff out of him for rest of the round and he was bleeding immensely. He tries to armbar but it's going nowhere and goes for a kneebar at the end round,I think he sweeps but the round had already ended.

Second rounds starts similar to the first with landing some strikes, but not the gusto of the first. He shoots and scores a takedown and finds mount immediately. I get trapped there for the rest of the fight in the corner getting my face pounded in. I just couldn't get out, and after eating a ton of punches the ref eventually called it.

Pics and video to come.
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