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Originally Posted by HexRei View Post
So Junior is such a bad coach he managed to ruin their entire careers in a few weeks?
YUP, if you saw four guys demonstrate have physical and mental breakdowns on one night don't you think you should look at the common factor?

Ramsey - blubbering mess at the end of his fight, clearly broken mentally. The UFC has been known to cut mentally weak TUF alum basically on the spot (Hi Starnes and Escudero)

Shamar - Through his little tantrum while he was fighting a scrub in Ryan, you think Zuffa is going to let a mediocre fighter get away with that? The guy is going to be used as enhancement talent and cut once he loses.

Edwards - Gassed after five minutes, we don't like to see that in HW's what do you think happens with bloody Welter weights.

Ryan - Looked like someone fighting Royce Gracie in UFC 1, only thing missing was the one boxing glove.

Javier - Lost twice on the show, and demonstrated his style of boring lay and pray that didn't work.

Mick - If he's lucky maybe people will forget who is he, I know I did.

and of course

Zach - Had his bloody career ended by bad cornering.

Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0
- I love how it started out as "Brock is the worst coach ever" then went to "Brock is the best coach ever" and then to "JDS is the worst coach ever".
It's almost like they are reactions to each other. One beget the other beget the other. The difference is one can be supported with the facts, while the other one was just peoples personal impression of a person they didn't understand. Well it's all over and the guy who called his team "chicken shit" won the season and got half of his team contracts in the process. Brock did his job, his team won their fights and he got his kids signed. JDS did not physically or mentally prepare his boys for the UFC, he had talent and he didn't develop it.

I don't really blame the guy and I don't hate him for doing what he did. JDS is a 26 year old who wanted to make a good impression and be well liked by America. I blame the UFC for putting someone that young and ill prepared in a position to develop talent, it was a bad call, and in hindsight one of the worst decisions in the shows history. I liked Dos Santos before, during and even after the show, I'll be rooting for him to beat Carwin. But he did a very poor job on this show
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