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Did a couple solid workouts this past week.

The first was kinda of short. More just a pad session to get the sweat flowing. It was more of the same. Tried to keep my punches tight and strong without being too rangy. I think I also need to work on more targetted striking because alot of the time I land its to the side of the head or to the top of the face. Need to adjust to striking lower on the face, and aiming for the jaw. Still thinking of a way to do this that doesn't require me strapping my training partner to a pole....

The second workout of the week was a combination padwork/lift. The padwork was really meh. We (for some god awful reason) did not stretch before hitting the pads. So I felt really sluggish and couldn't make my body do what I wanted it to. Next came a bit of takedown/takedown defense. I felt horrible missing several hip throws and only succeeding on maybe one.

Lifting for the day was my training partners planned lift for the day. Its coined "Max Effort Lower Body." He described a template which is using to design workouts and this is a product of said template:

Good Mornings 8x3 Not a fan of these at all.
Squats 4x10 lowered the weight significantly to get here from a power lifting weight to sustain through the workout, kinda of felt blah
Lower Back Extensions 2x12 always enjoy these, in hindsight probably should have done more sets
Glute-Ham Raises 2x8 I f*cking hate these. They put rediculously unnecessary pressure on my knees. Never again.
Kneeling Squats 3x8 Felt weird, not sure what muscles I worked for MMA, awkwardly sexual movement though...

My training partner is considering a career in S&C and wants to try his hand at this career option. I most definitely jumped on the opportunity to have an S&C coach potentially. I think we just need to work out exactly what I want/need. But I'm definitely excited for the prospect of some kind of leadership in this area which has always been kind of on the back burner for me.

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