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Personally, I don't like shooting on my opponent. I know this is true for a lot of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and judo and sambo guys, and even many wrestlers. It leaves you open to eat a lot of strikes. I realize that Royce is sort of everyone's go to nowadays, but in a time when most people know how to sprawl and brawl, the random front-kick-into-weak-shot is not an effective way of scoring the takedown. It's good to learn for the street, against people who aren't trained, but it doesn't work against people who have even rudimentary MMA training.

Personally, I find it much more useful to look for an opportunity to clinch and then either attempt a throw or secure a grip on a leg and look for the takedown from there. I'm not the best person to take advice about takedowns from, as most of my work in the clinch is more gi-oriented, but I find I have a lot of success with judo-style hip-centered throws from the Greco clinch (whatever grip you like; some guys prefer double over, but I like the over/under grip).

If you're just looking to shoot, I strongly recommend setting it up off of the jab, and not off of a kick. You really want to be able to set your feet in order to score a takedown off of the shot, and you can't shoot very effectively with kicks other than the front kick, which most people can read as a telegraph when its being used to set up a takedown. Also, if you land the front kick, it often has the side-effect of pushing your opponent away from you, which is not exactly the effect you want if you're looking to get in close. I find the kick pretty counter-productive, personally.

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