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So its been a couple days and I've managed a couple more solid (feeling) workouts.

After watching Guida dry hump the f*ck out of Pettis I texted my training partner and set up a rolling session. Hell no! am I gonna let a mofo do that shit to me.

The rolling was broken down into three section. 1. Full guard grindage. 2. Guard passing grindage. 3. Submission fighting. 3/5 total rounds.

In part 1, attempted a handful of submissions including a triangle, armbars, and a kimura. The triangle was fail, I have never ever been able to sink a triangle on my sparring parnter. I blame my medium frame, his large frame and huge shoulders/core, also some technical failures on my part. I was able to maintain wrist control the whole time. The kimura attempt was a last ditch effort near the end of the round. I was hoping to at least get a sweep out of it, but I failed and the round ended. I took only a minimal amount of GnP because I tied up one arm, and wrist controlled the other for the majority of the round working for the armbars/triangle.

Part 2, I failed on a level I rarely ever manage to fail. Within the first 60 seconds of the round I got mounted. When I tried to buck and roll to escape, I had may back taken. And I spent the next 4 minutes flattened out on the mat trying to minimize damage, roll back over or escape. I failed on all counts and got pwned so damn hard it hurt (literally).

Finally, Part 3. I started on the bottom and got put into a cricifix (there's some major flaw in my game that really makes this technique easy to sink on me). When he was unable to secure and maintain the crucifix, he transitioned to the mount. This time when I bucked and rolled, I got the sweep and ended up in side control. I kept the position for the rest of the round where I worked for cross body kimuras and an inverted armbar.

So net my training partner decided he would like to try it on the bottom for parts 2 and 3. So that happened.

Part 2-2. I was in full guard and I defended a couple subs and an attempted sweep before transitioning to side control. Where I spent the majority of the round landing some GnP.

Part 3-2. This time I had another stupid fail. My training partner went for a triangle, and instead of defending it I herped the derp and fell right into it. We went back to one, and I broke the guard and transitioned to the mount. From there I took the back. My partner managed to shake me off and I somehow ended up in an armbar. I'm not sure what happened but all of a sudden I was in pain. I defended and ended up in side control.

I've taken from this I have to work really hard on my ground game if I want to be able to do anything there. I work for positions and stay calm, and think I know what I'm doing on the ground, but somehow still get outgrappled. Work must be done to fix that, not sure what kind, but we'll see.

Yesterday I did some lifting with my training partner. He has his scheduled lifts and I jumped in on this one. It went:

Incline Bench 6x1
Close grip bench 5x5
Overhead press 3x10
Flat bench 3x10
Overhead tricep extentions 4x10
Lat Pullovers 3x12

When it comes to the diet stuff its been kind of back and forth. These past couple of weeks I've been eating more fruits and vegitables and cutting back even further on processed foods and ALMOST cut out fried foods. There are a few occassions where I just can;t say no to something as nomz as home made fried potatoes. Other than that its been pretty solid though. However, I've noticed a new trend from my family when it comes to purchasing food. Since they've bought less processed garbage and fatty fried food, they've replaced it with sweets.

I opened the pantry and found, to my utter dismay, swiss cake rolls, chips a'hoy cookies, pudding and potato chips. Why must I constantly be tempted! But there's some kind of light at the end of the tunnel. All my math figures, as well as a friend of mine's word suggests I'll be moved out in about a year. So I just have to deal with all the temptation and frustration for only an entire goddamn year!

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