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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
He doesn't actually do those things. He's never done anything dangerous on the show. It's all for show and entertainment, but he's never, ever, not one single tiny little time in any real danger. Not anymore than anyone else is in their day to day life.

There are multiple videos on the net showing how fake he and his show is. There is a video showing him "dangerously" hopping over this small canyon in one of his episodes, then it cuts to a random person being filmed in the exact same area, and it's about 300 feet from a road with cars passing by, and it's not deep, and the "canyon" ends like 10 feet ahead of where he "jumps" over it.

His entire show and everything he does minus killing animals for no reason whatsoever is fake.

As for why people give credit to Survivorman, it's because he's actually out there surviving. You don't see him doing those dangerous leaps and crap, because it's all fake and for pure entertainment. It's as good as being on a stage with a green screen. Survivorman is actaully out there and actually giving you tips on how to really survive, not play fake games and pretend.

Here's a different video showing how he does his "dangerous" acts, then showing how it's all just an act and fake in the second part of the video.

I don't think you actually got the point of that post.

Anyway, it's not like Les Stroud is in any real big danger himself. It's pretty naive to think that Les Stroud was out there risking his life for entertainment, while Bear Grylls isn't. Both are out there pulling stupid stunts, and both men do have safety around them. Even Les said in one of his episodes that he has a safety crew following him around all the time.

Point is, both are fake in that regard, but Bear actually does it in an entertaining way.
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