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Originally Posted by Coq de Combat View Post
I don't think you actually got the point of that post.

Anyway, it's not like Les Stroud is in any real big danger himself. It's pretty naive to think that Les Stroud was out there risking his life for entertainment, while Bear Grylls isn't. Both are out there pulling stupid stunts, and both men do have safety around them. Even Les said in one of his episodes that he has a safety crew following him around all the time.

Point is, both are fake in that regard, but Bear actually does it in an entertaining way.
No, Bear has an entire camera crew sitting right next to him the entire time. You think he is hungry so has to eat snakes? He's not hungry at all. He has an entire camera crew and director following him through the jungle. They "cut" the scenes, say okay now, when you do this scene we want you to crouch here, move like this, we want to get this angle, etc. It's 100% fake and acted. Except for him killing animals for no reason whatsoever (he's not hungry), nothing he does is real.

Survivorman, on the other hand, actaully is out there alone surviving. He has a crew that's close enough to him where if he gets into bad trouble, he can call them and they can pin-point his location and fly there quickly. He is alone, though, and the reason why he's not as entertaining, is because he's actually surviving by himself and showing you how to survive. There's no camera crew following him, no director, he's really hungry and hunting his food, he actually has to make his shelter from scratch and live in it, he has to actually make it across an area by himself and survive days until he reaches that destination, and actually doing things one needs to do in the wild to survive.

There's a huge difference.

Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0 View Post
His show may be fake, but the man is not.

Even with the camera cuts and an invisible safety rope, the guy has balls. Plus I never thought the show was real because it says in the very beginning that it's not. And it's on TV. So these were my first two clues.
As you said, he has camera cuts, camera crew, food, shelter, safety ropes, etc. It's all just for entertainment, which is okay, all TV is for entertainment. However, those that dislike his show and instead like Survivorman do so because Bear's entire show is fake, where as Survivorman is actually out there by himself, having to really hunt his own food and make his own shelter, and actually survive.

Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
the killing of animals that are predators is not fake, but the fake stuff would be useful too i imagine if you used in real life. i dont think he would try komodos though because only steve knew how to handle them
The fake stuff wouldn't be useful. It's all extremely exaggerated and overdone. All the major risks he takes and all these big leaps and climbing down these big holes and rolling down this mountain and all this would just get you injured and hurt, and would waste so much needful energy that you'd die of starvation/exhaustion way too fast.

That's why his show is more "entertaining" than Survivorman, it's like a flashy TV show in the wild, it's not actually Surviving or doing anything that remotely relates to surviving in the wild. Nearly everything he does would hurt you more than help you.
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