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Pretty good breakdowns.

1. the Florian vs Nunes fight will depend A LOT on how the wieght cut affects Florian. I thinke he is the better, all-around fighter, but if he doesn't have the energy/cardio/strength to put i all together, Nunes could dominate en-route to a UD

2. Carwin coming in at 250 lbs is a big "?". I believe he lost that weight in order to focus on his cardio, but strength was one of his biggest advantages going in a fight.
Also: Gonzaga tagged him pretty badly in their fight, knocking him down.
JDS is 10x the striker Gonzaga is. SO, i think he will go one step further

3. Maia vs Munoz is up in the air. The big X-factor for me is, where Munoz wants the fight to take place.
He definitely has the wrestling skills to take Maia down, but i don't think he wants to do so, unless he hurts Maia standing and follows up on the ground for a finish.

4. Hermann vs Einemo. What can you say about a guy who's fightin for the first time in 5 years?!?!?!
Yes...he's training at Golden Glory, but training =/= fighting and Hermann has pretty heavy hands. Einemo doesn't want this fight on the feet.
Should be a quick fight.



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