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Mamalis squeaks out the D:

Round 1
Mamalis throws a Superman punch which Wooley tries to shoot under, but to no avail. Mamalis cracks Wooley with a hard right uppercut that forces Wooley to shoot. "Garfield" lands two hard knees and an uppercut on the break. Wooley is hurt, and Mamalis tries to pounce along the fence, but ends up on the mat. Mamalis scoots up the fence, but Wooley locks his hands and carries him across the cage a la Matt Hughes, and slams him to the mat to a raucous crowd response. Mamalis gets back up, and Wooley knees him to the thigh. Wooley locks his hands again, and Mamalis goes for another ride down to the mat. Mamalis tries to hammerfist to the bottom as Wooley bullies him from the top. Wooley chips away with rights from top, but nothing damaging. Mamalis continues to look for submissions from his back to no avail. The horn sounds. scores the first round 10-9, if narrowly, for Nick Mamalis.

Round 2
A head kick from Mamalis grazes Wooley, and "Garfield" follows with another. The kicks gash open the side of Wooley's head. Wooley ducks into another kick, taking the knee to the side of the head. Mamalis lands a right hook, which prompts Wooley to spit out a stream of blood. A body kick follows for Mamalis, but he's hit with an overhand left by Wooley. "The Bully" pushes Mamalis into the cage but can't find his takedown. Left cross by Wooley, and Mamalis throws a knee that goes south of the border. Referee Marc-Andre Cote calls for a brief respite, and on the restart, the pair clash right hooks. Superman punch misses for Wooley, and Mamalis smiles at him. Mamalis looks for a front kick to the face, but Wooley drives him into the cage and picks his ankle. Wooley stacks up Mamalis, and rains down rights. Wooley lands three clean rights at the horn. Despite the early damage, scores the round 10-9 for Adrian Wooley.

Round 3
Wooley looks for another Superman punch, and again, can't land. Mamalis misses with a one-two, and looks for a takedown of his own on the former Brock Badger, but Wooley easily defends. Wooley throws a knee to the body, and this time, it's Mamalis to takes the low blow, prompting a brief pause. On the restart, Mamalis looks for more kicks, but he's not standing for long, as Wooley slams him to the mat. Mamalis gets to his knees in the turtle position, and tries to get a hold of a kimura as Wooley pushes him into the fence. Wooley picks Mamalis up once again, and slams him facefirst on the canvas. Mamalis gets back to his feet, but an overhand left for Wooley sets up another takedown for the Canadian. Wooley's once-white shorts are covered in his own blood now. Mamalis gets back up once and tries to use his kicks, but Wooley catches his leg, sweeps his base, and slams him to the mat yet again. Mamalis uses the cage to scoot back to his feet. The pair trade shots at the horn. sees the round 10-9 for Adrian Wooley, and 29-28 for Wooley overall.

Official scores: The scores are 29-28 Wooley, 29-28 Mamalis, and 29-28 for the winner by split decision, Nick Mamalis. The pro-Wooley crowd loudly boos the verdict.

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