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Sokky takes the decision:

Round 1
The pair cross low kicks early, and Sokoudjou's kick hurt Boughton. He follows with another that lands clean, and "The African Assassin" takes the center of the cage. Boughton launches a head kick which is blocked. Boughton closes in and Sokoudjou launches a powerful uppercut that whizzes by. The Cesar Gracie product closes the distance and Sokoudjou throws him with a clean harai goshi, but can't keep him on the mat. Boughton bulls Sokoudjou into the fence, and Sokoudjou reverses and throws him to the mat like a ragdoll, before allowing him to stand back up. Boughton looks for a single, and Sokoudjou elbows him to the head before ripping off another hip throw. This time, the Cameroonian lands in side control, but can't get any offense before the horn. sees the opening round 10-9 Sokoudjou.

Round 2
Slow start to the second round as both men paw aimlessly. A low kick from Boughton is met with a left hook from Sokoudjou that stumbles the Cesar Gracie product. A spinning back kick from Sokoudjou smacks Boughton in the guts. Sokoudjou lands two hard low kicks. Boughton tries to launch a head kick in response, but can't find his mark. A weak side kick from Boughton misses, and Sokoudjou retaliates with a body kick and an uppercut. Boughton looks for a takedown, but the UFC and Pride veteran easily sprawls on his attempt. They clinch along the fence until referee Marc-Andre Cote separates them. Little offense comes in the dying moments of the round. sees the second frame 10-9 again for Sokoudjou.

Round 3
Boughton misses a spinning back fist to begin the final round. He bulls Sokoudjou into the fence, but can't find a takedown. They separate, and Sokoudjou lands a teep, prompting Boughton to clinch up along the fence again. Finally, Boughton is able to suck the judoka to the ground. Sokoudjou locks up his guard, and Boughton lazily hammerfists before passing to half guard. Boughton passes to full mount on a fatigued Sokoudjou, but Sokoudjou is able to get him off. Boughton holds side control, and as Sokoudjou attempts to scramble, Boughton looks to take his back. He sinks one hook, but Sokoudjou explodes back to his feet. Boughton drops for a leg, but Sokoudjou sits down on his attempt and takes top position. Sokoudjou lands an elbow at the horn. sees the round 10-9 Boughton, but has the fight 29-28 Sokoudjou.

Official scores: All three judges see the bout 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou.

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