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Westcott wins the decision:

Round 1: Wow... I can hardly contain myself at how much I care about this one. Westcott comes out hard, pressing the action and bombing Denny. Denny avoids most of the shots, backpedaling to the corner. Westcott falls on top of Denny into half guard. Westcott attempts to transition to full mount, but Denny smartly counters. Westcott works to pass, eventually getting past Denny's defenses after two minutes of work. Westcott immediately buries some huge elbows into Denny's dome, then postures up as Denny turns, unleashing a barrage of massive rights. Denny turns back to his back and ties up Westcott. Westcott still in side control, attempting to go to mount. Westcott steps over the back, then hammers Denny, illegally hitting the back of the head. Referee stops it, warns Westcott despite Westcott consistently hitting the back of the head during the round. Action restarts and Westcott goes to town... chucking overhands and landing knees in the clinch. Westcott picks up Denny along the ropes and slams him to the floor. Westcott immediately transitions to a north-south position, attempting to lock a kimura, then an armbar. Westcott's grip slips, and Denny gets on top with 10 seconds left. Round ends. BloodyElbow scores the round 10-9 Sheldon Westcott.

Round 2: Denny attempts a guillotine to open up the round as Westcott runs for the takedown. Westcott escapes, and transitions to side control. After a brief stall along the ropes, Denny gets half guard back. After three minutes of battling for position, Westcott transitions to mount, blasts a couple of elbow strikes down on Denny's head, then gets bucked back to half guard. Denny ties up Westcott from the bottom. Westcott attempting to sink in an arm triangle, but Denny isn't allowing Westcott to buck out of half guard to get it deep., Round ends. scores the round 10-9 Sheldon Westcott.

Round 3: Westcott and Denny exchange blows for a minute before Westcott buries Denny into the canvas. Back to what we saw in the first two rounds. Denny gets hit in the back of the head, and now Westcott is going to have a point taken. Point taken, and now this boring bout gets interesting. If Denny can steal this round, we may have another draw on our hands. Denny lands in the initial exchange after the restart, but then gets tagged hard by Westcott, stumbling around and being tossed over Westcott's hip to the ground. Westcott slips in a guillotine choke and nearly finishes it. Denny escapes, and Westcott immediately transitions to an arm triangle. He can't finish it as Denny tied him up in guard and made sure he could maneuver to side control. Westcott controls from the top till the end of the fight. scores the round 9-9 draw (point deduction to Westcott due to back of the head strikes), 29-27 Westcott.

Sheldon Westcott def. Thomas Denny via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27)

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