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Doerksen wins!

Round 1
Doerksen lands a hard body kick as Fioravanti switches back and forth from orthodox to southpaw. The men exchange low kicks, none landing solid. They exchange in close, and Fioravanti glances with two hooks. Doerksen sticking his jab out, but not reaching his foe. A right cross from Doerksen puts Fioravanti on his heels, but he quickly regroups, and blocks Doerksen's follow-up head kick. Fioravanti throws an overhand right that misses, and they clinch. Doerksen catches a knee attempt from Fioravanti, and puts him on the deck. The ATT Orlando product briefly gets back up, but "El Dirte" takes him right back down and settles into half guard. Doerksen attempts to take his fellow UFC veteran's back, but Fioravanti escapes at the horn. sees the opening frame 10-9 for Joe Doerksen.

Round 2

Doerksen chases Fioravanti with punches, but can't locate him. Fioravanti tries to respond with a right cross and left hook, but hits air. Doerksen throws a one-two, and Fioravanti lands a counter left hook, and then a left hook to the body. "El Dirte" rushes forward and pushes Fioravanti in the fence, but Fioravanti breaks free. Doerksen shoots a telegraphed double which Fioravanti easily shuts down. Fioravanti feints and lands a hard right cross, and follows with a pair of hooks that rock Doerksen's head back .Two more hooks follow. Fioravanti finally getting into a punching rhythm now with a minute to go in the round. Doerksen continues to press forward, but Fioravanti catches a kick and counters him. Doerksen comes forward straight into a clinch, and Fioravanti throws him on the mat. However, Doerksen's upkick puts Fioravanti down, and it's pure ruckus, now. They wing punches into the clinch, and a botched uchimata puts Doerksen on top at the end of a wild round. sees the second round 10-9 for Luigi Fioravanti, based on clean, effective punching.

Round 3
Doerksen jabbing and low kicking effectively. Fioravanti's punches are whiffing now, and Doerksen hits him with knees to hte body as he wades in. Doerksen lands a pair of kicks, and Fioravanti answers with a right. Doerksen ducks a Fioravanti right, but "The Italian Tank" cuts his plant leg out with a well-timed low kick. Doerksen gets a takedown and sets up in full guard, while Fioravanti overhooks and holds on. With 40 seconds to fight, referee Josh Rosenthal stands the two men up. They pair wing away, and Fioravanti attempts a takedown which Doerksen defends at the horn. scores the roudn 10-9 for Joe Doerksen, and 29-28 overall.

Official scores:Frank Jackson and Jason Rodgers see the bout 30-27, while David Therien has it 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Joe Doerksen.

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