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Maxed yesterday so my snazzy new S&C coach can figure out weights.

Lost about 10lbs on my bench due to procrastinating like a leuzur! But added 10lbs more to my deadlift somehow (probably by being less of a -explative-)...

Apparently he noted flaws in my form due to muscular failures. Ecited to be lifting again.

The workouts I'll be doing have been at least conceptually broken down for me. It works out as:

Monday - Dynamic Effort (with a lean towards the upper body)
Tuesday - Max Effort (Lower body)
Wednesday - Recovery
Thursday - Max Effort (Upper body)
Friday - Dynamic Effort (with a lean towards lower body)
Saturday/Sunday - Recovery

He said he doesn't want me to know what exercises I'll be doing, because I'll probably be unwilling to do it if I know in advance. He also says I will curse at him profusely thoughout each workout. He knows me remarkably well...

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