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I will seriously emigrate to Canada or some European country if indeed Mitt "How many wives?" Romney, Sarah "Paul Revere is my homeboy" Palin, Mike "At least Chuck Norris like me" Hockabee, Rick "LOL, your last name means WHAT!?" Santorum (Google that last name) Rick "Riding GW Bush's balls est. 2000", or Newt "I love God but love philandering more" Gingrich are elected in some capacity. I generally am very objective when it comes to politics and like to see both sides, but social conservativism backed by religion is something I can't stand for. I think every person should be able to practice their own faith freely but enforcing it on others is something that makes my blood boil.

I just wish that we could elect a libertarian for President. I'd happily vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson if they got nominated.

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