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CANNOT WAIT!!!! Easily has the potential for the best card of the year so far. Silva vs Leben has the POTENTIAL for fight of the year. Stylistically speaking its the most exciting match up you could put together other than the obvious super fights. Really hoping Silva brings his brawler mentality because we all know leben will.

Lets not forget about Condit vs Kim!! INTRIGUING MATCHUP haha. Never not enjoyed any fight condit has been in and Kim is technically undefeated so a lot of interest in that fight.

Also, Siver vs Wiman! Siver is a bad mofo on his feet and wiman is on a hot winning streak cant WAIT!!

I havent even mentioned the main event and co main event and its already a phenomenal card. DAM!

Bader vs Ortiz = beat down of the year. No respect for Ortiz. How could anyone?? Bader is better than Ortiz at what Ortiz is best at and that is of course wrestling. Bader is a knotch higher on the wrestler food chain not to mention he has a significant advantage in the stand up department. Amazing fight due to the uneven match up. We all known Dana is all for this fight ;]

Cruz vs Faber= YES! so excited!! First of all, I love the small guys. Theyre so quick and technically brilliant. Cruz is probably the second fastest guy at 135 behind mighty mouse. Second of all, Faber is a different type of animal at 135. Most explosive 135 imo and definitely no slouch in the speed department. Definitely has the makings for an outstanding main event. I have goosebumps just thinkin about it! haha

Oh yea... Soti and dunham were supposed to fight on this card too. That would make this card better than ufc 100. So close! I still put those two among the top 5 at 155 despite recent losses. Either way, soti is still fighting and i love to see that man fight.

As far as the other prelims... not one single fight i DONT want to see. Amazing match ups made by jay silva, the man with one of the best jobs in america, who has done it again. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G card!!! I'd pay $99.95 for this bad boy

That is all
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