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Me getting raped anally by dirtbag promoter(subsequent advice for young fighters)

Well I was supposed to have a pro fight this past saturday. June 11th, 2011. My opponent was set to be Joel Roberts at 140 pounds. My contract was signed, medicals done and sent in, weigh in day I drive a rental car 9 hours to weigh ins, only to show up and find out I have no fight from the "fight promoter".....that would have been useful info 9 hours ago Dick. Dick Valenti that is(prefers to go by rich, but certain personality traits lead me to believe that Dick is in fact a much better fit) The show was United Fight Nation presents Pennsylvania Caged Combat Valley Fight Series.

First, wouldnt you think an email, phone call, or at least detailed text message should be delivered to the fighter/manager way before to let them know the fight is off? I cut 18 pounds in the 24 hours leading up to the fight, which wasnt that horrible, but would I have rather been drinking a ******* Yoo-Hoo and eating an oversized bag of funyons? you bet. His explanation was that the pennsylvania athletic commission did not approve the fight. hmmmmm.....sounds unlikely. Two pro 135ers with similar records of 5-3 and 3-2.....regardless of whether that was a lie or not(was. clearly.) what would that have to do with you not telling us there was no fight?

Professor Dickweed had saved the text messages he sent my manager, as he adamanantly claimed to have told him in advance there was no fight.....his text said this in response to my brother asking if the fight had been approved yet....."not sure....ill check when i get home". Clearly, fights off. How could we have been so stupid to not have known? Dipshit. As a promoter, once a contract has been signed and medicals faxed, the fight is on as far as the fighter is concerned, especially in a fight that is such a good on paper matchup that there isnt a chance in hell any commission would deny it. And once the fight is "denied" by the commission, you actually have to alert the fighters involved that this has happened. So instead of fighting, I lost over 200 on the rental and gas. Was given zero travel expense, that was in the contract, and not given show money. I didnt weigh in though so i doubt i can recoup that.

Another shit bag human being who doesnt care about the fighters at all involved in the sport. Oh, you drove 9 hours, cut 18 pounds, and put in a 6 week training camp for this fight? and I forgot to tell you the fight was off? Have a nice drive back. Gonna do what we can to get the money, but since its unrealistic im just gonna be petty and tell everyone what a colossal jackass he is and probably make homosexual photoshop pics of him.

What I learned/ advice for homeboy day of the fight to make sure its on....get travel money in advance....dont deal with promoters named Dick.....thats about it.

feel free to spread this around.
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