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Originally Posted by Andy1254 View Post
OK, so I have been asked if I want to have my first fight this year and I don't really know! I am 16, 55kg and have been training Muay Thai for about 10 months and have been sparring for about 2.

I am just a guy that gets really nervous and know that I will be unbelievably nervous before and just think about the worst and probably forget everything! I just know I will be a shaking wreck!

So can anyone give me advice on what I should do! Mu instructor thinks I am ready but I don't know if I am! :S

Should I just take the fight and get my first one over and done with??

Also, has anyone got any advice on the nerves side of things? Any way to hold myself together and make sure I do the best I can??

And anyone got any inspirational messages that will calm me and make me realise that I should just do it and stuff like that!

Thanks, Andy.

First of all, Andy, we all get nervous before any sort of big sporting event in our lives. Frank Mir has admitted that he throws up before every single fight to this day because of the nerves. Its normal to be nervous dude! As long as you are confident in your abilities and have put the time in, you should have no reason to not take the fight. its a good age to get in there and start fighting. You have to be aggressive and have a killer instinct type of attitude. See your opponent as someone who wants to hurt your family or along those lines and it always helps.

I was a nervous wreck before my first amateur mma fight but once we started exchanging hands and feet, the adrenaline kicked in and I fought better than ever.

Good luck! You got this!
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