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Lifting again.
Max Effort lower body:
Front Squats - 5x5
Deadlift - Dropset
Cabled Abdomenal contractions - 4x15

Workout while appearing small was friggin solid. Because I worked deadlifts and squats the same day I actived just about every muscle in my core, hips and legs. Which means, my back, abs, ass(f*ck your glutes!), hamstrings, quads, and calves, along with all the necessary stabilizers, all ache at once. Skillfully done S&C coach, skillfully done.

During this workout I felt quite a significant rage in the direction of my training partner. This was mostly due to being tired and having this mofo telling me, go do that, go do this. I didn't threaten to murder his family this time, which is a good thing right?

For my diet. I hadn't noticed until just recently how little I've started eating recently. I've been dumping a shitton of fruit into my diet. And I think chocolate has been replaced by watermelon as my insatiable hunger food. And milk is pretty much the greatest tasting thing man ever put inside a rigid plastic shell. (disclaimer moment) however I did go to Buffalo Wild Wings and feast on some snazzy wings yesterday, so... its still a bit back and forth.

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