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Originally Posted by TraMaI View Post

Surfing Reddit... my new addiction >_>
Hey, is there some sort of backstory to this? I have missed it completely.

On a more personal and serious note, I need to have a project this summer. I was thinking of creatnig my own linux distro, but considering how many great ones there already are - I'm afraid that my humble contribution wouldn't make much of a difference. The thing is that I don't have the skills to make it especially innovative at all, so it'd be more of a remix of existing ones. Sure, it could be fun, creating the distro and a webpage for it, and probably a great experience in itself. Besides, it doesn't have to be anything serious, just something to work on.

Then again, I could take up my old java-knowledge and perhaps create an app of some sort. Maybe an MMA software? What would it do? What would be the purpose? Thing is that I'm not sure I would be able to make it mobile (android or iOS) because of lack of knowledge - but it would also be a learning experience.

Maybe a calendar that updates with important dates (relevant: seminars, events, etc.)? Maybe a database application with your IRL bets to keep track of wins/losses?

I've had this idea to create a software that updates an online database where people would be able to give "grades" to events. For example, you would give the latest UFC event grades from 1-10, and eventually people could be able to check out which events were the most liked and so on. Would that be a good idea? On the other hand, such a database would be almost stupid to create an app for, when it could be made on the web (easier, cheaper, faster, more reliable, and so on...). And webdesign/webpage creation is not really what I want to do. On the other hand, should I make it UFC exclusive, I think it could be possible to maybe make a quick buck out of it - especially if it turns out better than "mediocre".

Maybe a "rate UFC fight" kind of a thing. Rate every UFC fight, and we could see which ones were good and which ones were not so good. We could also see which fighters are great audience entertainers and which are not. We could also possibly see if there is any "like"-bias towards wrestlers, grapplers, strikers etc. What fighting styles sells, and what doesn't. And so on... Could actually turn out to be a good idea in the end.

You guys got any ideas? I'm fairly sure I could code simple softwares, design them and so on (I think I have enough skills for that, and could possibly get help from better programmers). Thing is, I just don't know what to do.

Whatever I do, I'll be giving it free for you guys (IF and when it's done).

Feed me ideas - and if anything materializes, you will be getting credits for it. No promises though, LOL.

I'm pretty good with databases (and querylanguages i.e. SQL) and know basic/intermediate OOP. So-so with webdesigning and quite mediocre with everything else. Not to shit on myself, but being realistic with my skills.

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