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Workout A
Squats 5,5,5 @195lbs
Bench Press 5,5,5 @160lbs
Deadlift 5 @195lbs
Dips 8,8,8@b/w+5lbs
Decline Situps @b/w+10lbs
Hyper Extensions @b/w+10lbs

Weights up, still feeling weak and light headed. Sleeping patterns are a disaster. It's been going 12 hour sleep -> no sleep at all 12 hour sleep -> no sleep at all. Hopefully I can do better soon because it made my first week at work horrible.

There's a fighter's meeting on saturday at the gym. It'll likely be about who corners our fighters, etc. brought up by my last fight. The context of the meeting will likely decide my future at the gym.
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