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Originally Posted by Coq de Combat View Post
As said, it wouldn't be any kind of LFS or anything like that. It's probably be more of a ubuntu/debian remix or something like that. What's wrong with Qimo btw? I ask, because I've been planning on putting it on a 'puter for the kids as they grow a bit older. The oldest one is 3, so it's soon about time to introduce him to easier kids games etc.
Qimo is great it's just very limited. My kids have had it since they were 3 and the only thing they still play is tux.

unfortunately, when it comes to fun and educational for young kids there is infinitely more stuff for windows. that's why I thought wine would be a big plus.

Qimo is just Ubuntu by the way. With the kids dock and some very old games. I just think someone with talent could do better and like I said it's a niche that would be noticed in the linux world.

another good alternative would be something aimed at the elderly. There is a neat UI called eldy but the linux version supposedly made for mint (again just ubuntu customized) sucks.

edit: a huge improvement for qimo would be to have firefox always open in kidzui mode and added to the dock.

I can't recommend kidzui enough.It's great. But with qimo your kid has to be able to find FF and open it in normal (not good for kids on internet) mode.

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