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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
Qimo is great it's just very limited. My kids have had it since they were 3 and the only thing they still play is tux.

unfortunately, when it comes to fun and educational for young kids there is infinitely more stuff for windows. that's why I thought wine would be a big plus.

Qimo is just Ubuntu by the way. With the kids dock and some very old games. I just think someone with talent could do better and like I said it's a niche that would be noticed in the linux world.

another good alternative would be something aimed at the elderly. There is a neat UI called eldy but the linux version supposedly made for mint (again just ubuntu customized) sucks.

Yeah, I remember reading about it being based on ubuntu. Which of course is good enough for most people. Not sure, but I think there are legal obstacles that could prevent one from integrating wine into the distros. Kind of like mp3 codecs, windows fonts and so on.

I just looked into the eldy you talked about. Seemed like a great idea. I'll have to look more into it. Not going to decide anything quite yet, but you did have some good ideas there. Thanks mate
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