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Originally Posted by khoveraki View Post
Agreed I see Werdum taking this fight via fighting better competition and being more in shape/well rounded.

The new Overeem is in like slow motion, even for a heavyweight, and I see Werdum being noticeably faster and with better cardio.
This is way pre-fight so check the time of this post ^

But man you gotta stop that senseless hate. The fight will probably happen in an hour so it close enough to say this: overeem is going to rag doll and **** werdum. This is not a fight its a brutal one sided ownage. Werdum is ving rhymes in pulp fiction when hes got that rubber ball in his mouth. Its OV.

What is blowing my mind is you and toxic giving it to werdum?

Imagine werdum comes out and stops overeem in the 1st xD I'm going to eat so much crow lol... i think not but

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