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Barnett gets the submission in round 2!

Round 1 - Kerry Hatley calls this quarterfinal bout in the Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix. Rogers light on his feet pawing with jabs. ON the first kick, Barnett is all over him. Pitched forward against the cage, it takes little time for Barnett to deposit him on the mat and land in side control. Uh-oh for Rogers. Barnett doesn't have much room to work. Rogers thinks about walking his legs up the cage but thinks better. Barnett deciding what to do. He threatens with a kimura and nearly takes mount. When he does, Rogers explodes up. But he can't get far before Barnett charges back and gets top position. From there, he takes mount, and it looks like it's a matter of time. Barnett with a few elbows. Rogers hanging on for dear life. Rogers using his legs to cage walk. Barnett's mount is too strong. A few punches overhead, and Rogers is cage-walking again. No way. Barnett ain't going anywhere. Rogers finally bucks Barnett off with a cage-walk, but he's mounted again in no time. Fight is starting to look like Barnett vs. Yvel sans the strikes. Audience not happy as 10 second mark passes. Round ends with Barnett in dominant position. scores the round 10-9 for Barnett.

Round 2 - Rogers lets his hands go for the first time in the fight, but it's Barnett who lands a nice counter and tosses him to the mat when they lock up. And once again, it's Barnett who has mount. Audience almost immediately boos, but then they realize that Barnett is working an arm triangle. And Rogers surely realizes time is running out on consciousness because he taps after Barnett adjusts and cranks the choke.
Josh Barnett def. Brett Rogers via submission (arm triangle) - Round 2, 1:17.

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