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Originally Posted by SupremeTapout
your either a 12 year old boy or a female... cuz no dude would give 2 ****s about some1 pm'in him sayin that shit

get over it... worse shit in this world then a pm askin to touch your parts

I hate to keep piling on, but this thread is probably about the worst thing you could have done. Why is a PM such a big deal? No one besides you was going to see it... until you posted it for everyone. You are demanding a ban for a message that albeit silly, seems fairly harmless and then demanding a quick resolution. Who are you to demand something of the moderators? Why not let them decide those things? You say you aren't homophobic, and I'm not accusing you of anything, but blowing a gasket over this, posting it, then going on and on about it sure seems to point to a nerve being struck.

Here's a thought. Why not just hit the "report" button on the message or send a PM to a moderator, ignore the comment, and move on? By making this thread you just painted a HUGE target on your back. I kind of feel sorry for you, but you did it to yourself.

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