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Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
As a whole, these workouts effectively develop endurance in their areas of effect. However if the goal is to develop overall strength, in the long term body weight workouts are ineffective. Much higher weights than one's natural body weight are needed to develop those areas.
Right and wrong, calisthenics can be great for endurance, but also can be applied to strength training/muscle building to become incredibly strong. Look at male gymnasts for an example, they can achieve incredible feats of strength (as well as endurance) and they rarely train with weights. Exercises such as hanging v-raises for core, one legged squats for legs, one armed pushup variations for chest and triceps, handstand/one armed handstand pushups for shoulders, and chin/pullups for back and biceps will make you incredibly strong. Higher reps can then be added for more endurance. You can get an incredible workout without a gym or any equipment other than your own body.
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