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Burning fat, weight loss, help appreciated.

Hey there

This is my problem: I'm fat. Simple as that.
  • height 5 feet, 7 inches
  • weight 220-230 lbs
  • ideal weight about 170-180 lbs (in the army, about 10 years ago)

So I need to lose about 50 lbs. The exact amount of lbs is not really important, I just want to have a healthier body.

Normally I eat toasted white bread for breakfast, something small for lunch, normal food for dinner and lately I've began to eat shit (candy, crisps, etc.) before bedtime.

The obvious things are: better breakfast and lunch. No more candy, soda or crisps. As for dinner, I have a family and we have a limited amount of money to put on food, so I'm planning to eat whatever my family eats, for example beef with potatoes, fish with mashed potatoes, pasta salad, etc.

I figure I should start working out too, and this is where you guys come in.

I simply don't know where to begin.

We have a crosstrainer in our living room (which I've just started using), so my plan is to do a good 15 mins of crosstraining every day. But maybe I should do something else too? I've heard about this "insanity" (Shawn T) - is it good for me?

I guess I should say that my back is pretty messed up from working with sheet metal for years, so obviously I want to avoid hurting it - I mean, maybe I shouldn't do exercises that are intensive on my back? It's an injury on a couple of discs. I can live without main killers for it, but lifting too much weight can make it ache quite a bit. Again, this is from a work related injury and the doctors can't do anything but put me on pain killers, which I don't want to mess with.

Should I do crosstraining alone?
Should I do this "insanity" or some other form of aerobics?
Should I do something more "weight lifting" wise?
Should I consider fat burning products?

My main goal is to lose weight, not to build muscles. Muscle wise I'm okay where I am right now. I can't really go out on long jogging tours or walks either, due to family situation being what it is (I need to be where my kids are atm - long story).

Otherwise: I extremely rarely drink alcohol, I don't smoke or use any other tobacco, I occasionally drink a cop of coffee - otherwise I'm pretty clean. I sit a lot because of being into computer science.

I know I can't ask anything specific for me from you guys, but perhaps a few pointers as to where to start and what kind of training I should do...

In short, help?
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