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Originally Posted by BobbyCooper View Post
Let's just hope it won't be a Republican..

Obama is the man for this Job!

such an intelligent, modest preson with so much will and authority!!!

there shouldn't be votings anymore!
Rather than no more voting, maybe Americans should exercise their voting privilege. If that were the case the chances of a dark horse like Ron Paul would be greatly effected and even the playing field, However this is not the case. Historically less than 30% of eligible voters actually do during presidential elections. That number drops significantly to around 18% for state and local elections. In contrast in the days of Andrew Jackson, nearly 80% of people voted. Today's numbers are a sad representation of the land of the free and home of the brave.

In regards to O'Bush...err, I mean Obama, I took a look back at our last 2 presidents and came across some stark resemblances.

Just looking back at the 8 years George W. Bush was in office, there were so many false complaints and trumped up stories about things that he should have been held accountable for that he actually had nothing to do with. Somehow he was responsible for Hurrican Katrina, the Enron Collapse and and mortgage defaults that were all given out on the premise of laws put into place under the Clinton regime. However, to be fair, I had my share of issues with him where the blame fell squarely on his shoulders. In a nutshell, the 3 biggest knocks that Bush had on him were entering a foreign war that had nothing to do with us, overspending during his 8 years in office, and violating our civil rights with the Patriot Act.

Lets tackle these one at a time. Granted, going into war in Iraq was quite the foolish venture if you believe we went in on the premise of WMD's. We spent a fortune fighting there over 8 years and never found any WMD's, although, in the end, Iraq has become an essential alli in a land full of turmoil and strife where Iran poses a huge threat to our national security and the national security of some of our other biggest allies. We'll call it a push, however, he was crucified by the media and we were told it was the cost of that war that going going to drive us into a recession. Obama on the other hand, has just entered another foreign war in the same region of the world and says its all about coming to the help of people that yearn to be free. Funny I dont see us running to help the people of the Congo that are getting slaughtered on a daily basis. Hmmmm, oh that's right, the Congo region doesn't have oil. Does this sound familiar? Quite a remarkable similarity between these 2.

Let's address the overspending issue now. As stated above, we were told profusely that the cost of the Iraq war was going to be the ultimate reason that we were heading towards a recession. Looking at the factual numbers, I see that Obama spent more on welfare alone last year than the cost of the entire 8 years in the Iraq war. That is just the tip of the iceberg though, Obama has spent more in 2 years in office than all 43 other presidents before him combined. OUCH. So what happend to his cry about tightening the belt a little as a government just like families have to do in a recession? Let me see if I can put this in other terms, he has spent more in 2 years than we have as a country in its previous 233 years. Really? Yet we are still losing jobs every month? So where did that money go? Isnt anyone curious where all of that money that was spent actually went? It is reminiscent of what John Street did to Philadelphia. He fed the money to the people that put him in office. This is cronyism at its best. I have to say, if the last topic was a push, Obama definitely gets the edge in overspending.

Lastly, lets address the Patriot Act and violations of our civil rights. George W Bush signed into law the Patriot Act which allows the government to basically invade one of our most prized possessions, our personal privacy. It allows them to venture into aspects of our lives that we never wanted the government involved with to begin with. He did however, add something onto the Patriot Act known as something called a "Sunrise Clause". What a sunrise clause does, is require the government to renew this act everyear and deem whether or not it is still necessary. It makes it so that we understand that this law is in reaction to the times we live in. When Obama came into office, he chose to renew this sunrise clause, but before he did that, he added even more personal invasions of our privacy. He kept all of the invasions that Bush allowed, but he added even more like the ability for the government to tap our cell phone conversation without the need of a warrant from a judge. That was only the tip of the iceberg too. But even worse, what he did was remove the sunrise clause saying that it wasn't necessary to renew this act each year and that the new additions he made to this invasion of our privacy would now become permanent. Really? Funny how all of that flew under the radar in the press.

They gave this guy a free ride for 2 years allowing him carte blanche to completely step on the constitution. They allowed him to spend like a dunken sailor, enter foreign wars, and invade our personal privacy. His breeches of our trust were not little infractions that should be overlooked either. He kept every single one of George W Bush's policies and then some. What has he changed that seperates him from Bush in any way? The only thing that seperates him from Bush is that he is allowed a free pass by 90% of the media. He has not changed any of Bush's drilling policies in Alaska that were so criticized. He has spent more than Bush, he is entering foreign wars, and he is adding onto the Patriot Act and decided to make it permanent on top of that. This guy is the same president that we had under George W Bush. I know that those of you that voted for Obama will hate to admit this because it is human nature for all of us to want to believe that we weren't snookered. Who wants to feel like they were played for a fool? But in the end. The facts are unmistakable. He is unimaginative, has leaned on the policies of his predecessors, and has been irresponsible with the hard earned money of the taxpayers. When does the free pass end for this charmed media darling?

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