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Knee is in decent condition. I think the issue was simply a strain on the muscle. Minimal activity has helped to minimize and problems and its continuing to improve--slowly, very slowly.

Workouts over the past couple days:

Padwork. Worked a half dozen combinations. About 30-40 minutes of pads.

Circuit set x4

BW squats x15
Walls sits x30 count
Split squats x8 per side
Side walks x15 -- "lengths" of about 12-15ft and back
Bridge holds x30 count

Pads and sparring.

Padwork was more indepth this time. Worked similar combinations as the day before:

Jab-cross-lead hook
Jab-rear uppercut-lead hook
Jab-rear hook-lead hook
Jab-cross-lead uppercut-rear hook
Jab-jab-cross-hook-rear uppercut
Jab-jab-slip-rear hook
Jab-cross-lead uppercut-rear hook-lead hook-rear uppercut

The last one is more of just a burner. Its a long string of punches that work almost the full range and make the core/shoulders ache after a long series of rapid fire punching. I like to do it late in a session because it rearlly makes you work much harder that the smaller perfected technique oriented combos.

After that was sparring -Sanda Rules- this time.

I got out rolled by a more versatile fighter. While I threw a few lazy front kicks and some solid low kicks (if I do say so myself!) he landed with side and front kicks more often and about the same on round kicks. He moved me around much more easily with his punches than I was able to him.

But when he managed to get me cornered I felt like I countered well. I landed a solid straight--he thought hook, I thought it was a straight, and I threw it so God dammit it was a straight!--that landed flush, and he countered with a flurry of hooks that made me cover up and look for another opening. The hooks hurt, but I don't have a headache so I guess not enough for me to be concerned!

I went for a takedown attempt in the second, and again in the third, but was stopped on both occassions because I kept putting my knee on the ground (in Sanda no more than two points of contact even during a takedown). I'm so used to the low and deep MMA takedown that the Sanda one is hard to emulate.

I also clinched in the second. I HAVE to work on setting up the clinch because I took a lot of punishment to get there. When I was there I landed a handful of body punches and a knee before my partner shook it off. My partner landed a knee as well but I didn't feel it and it was only mentioned afterwards. The knee I landed he recognized, but he was unphased.

Diet feels okay. I still need to cut more fatty foods out overall, and find healthy alternatives. But for the moment the occassional f*ck up isn't going to kill me.

I think I'm experiencing phantom results simply due to my body adjusting to being more active than the past couple months. I've still got three more weeks before I do a weight check and see where I am. Don't expect me to post it here unless its something to be proud of!!!

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