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Originally Posted by Bonnar426 View Post
To be fair, how many honest politicians are out there! Anyone who is high up the food chain will spend more time covering their ass then actually doing their job.
I don't disagree at all, you could probably count the honest politicians in Washington on one hand. My problem is when it becomes difficult to find ANY true statements from a politician. I don't agree with Obama's politics, but at the beginning of his campaign when he was running for president, I actually liked the guy. I fell for a bit of the hype that was floating around him. I look back now and have a hard time correlating anything he says with the truth of our current situations. Forget whether he has a 'D' or an 'R' after his name, the guy simply cannot be trusted with his own words or promises which is a dismal outcome for one who promised 'Hope and Change' from the normal operations in Washington.

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