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Well, I'm on the road to 155 and I've made some huge progress I am sitting at 162.5 pounds currently.

I will continue with my diet until I hit 160 and then I will go back to eating normally until I hear of another tournament.

The goal was to get into a range for water cutting of 5 pounds of weight, I'd say I have done rather well in that regard seeing as I dropped from 170-72 in about 2 months.

It is no rapid cut like I've heard of but it is rapid enough for me, due to the fact I've never actually lost weight intentionally.

Things are looking up.

I have an injury that is plaguing me after 2 to 3 weeks of recovery time.

I had given blood and they messed up on the needle placement, it resulted in bruising my left bicep.

The bicep has returned to the normal color, but the back of the elbow nearest the tricep is starting to turn red.

I am happy because the bicep has been giving me a hell of a lot of grief.

Onto sparring:

I went to the gym tuesday night I watched and helped the guys warm up, because I was worried I wouldn't be able to go through the warmups.

I went into the drilling session we had and had minor inconveniences I told my partner to be extremely careful with the left side and told him I'd be taping rather fast on it, fortunatly there was no huge issues.

I wanted to see if I could go through with live rolling and got 4-6 rolls in.

One of the rolls I had I battled a cramp in my left foot I was in an open guard when it happened. I held out for about 2 minutes past the cramp, like the instructor says I have a damned huge heart when it comes to my fighting spirit!

I did annoy mike my wrestling partner, he had taken my back and was looking for the rear-naked choke.

I had remembered to turtle up and do a variation of the shrimp by lying on your side.

I defended myself from the choke for nearly 2 minutes or longer before succumbing.

On Wednesday night I was working with two kids at church seeing how well they could fight with no knowledge in bjj.

Danny who was about 5'7' 135-145 got lucky and subbed me in our first roll.

I know I cannot be proud of subbing him with a body triangle from the closed guard but I know it is something that I need to work on my lethality with true intentions of snapping a person.

Mike was about 5'9" 205.

He was armbar happy, I moved him around a little easier than I have with Jerry who's at 260. Mike had me in a very tight full mount not sure how he got there but he did. I tried to shrimp out as hard as I could to no avail...with some guidance he scored an arm bar on me.

Later on I showed him how to control someone with the closed guard. I sunk the body triangle on him and was trying to situp and haul his head down, eventually I swept him got my legs in place for the arm bar, he had his hands in a gable grip.

We battled for 10-20 seconds before I broke his grip and defeated him.

I figure if I can teach these 2 guys how to maintain their mounts and look for the arm bar I'll have two very good sparring partners when I'm not rolling in the gym.

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