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Originally Posted by The Amarok View Post

I gonna be fighting Joe Council for a shot at the winner of Chad Booth's bout when they find a opponent for him.

Council fought on the same card I did back in April. Long story short, the man is a grizzly bear. He is tall (about 6'2 or 6'3), built ALMOST like Overreem, and gasses rather quickly. He wasn't able to finish his opponent until the 3rd and the bout was rather back and forth. His opponent was about my height but a bit slimmer. The bout was a mix of a sluggfest and back and forth ground transitions.
My gameplan is to use my TKD/Kickboxing as my general gameplan. And my greco-roman wrestling as my back-up plan.
I was hoping to as the community for some tips on what I should do.
Good luck bro, hope the training goes well and you kick some major ass. Just keep your heart in training, and I'm sure you'll TKO the dude easy after he gasses. Training is the hard part, the more you push yourself and strengthen your will here, the more relaxed and in control you'll feel in the cage.

It'd be hard to give strategy advice without having seen either of you fight or knowing your styles, but I guess keep your Greco ace up your sleeve. I'm assuming from what you've mentioned that he doesn't have a wrestling background, so that's a huge advantage you have. Feed him some leather on the feet, but if he starts to get the better of you just clinch up, shut him down, and make him eat dirt. This is just general stuff, I guess listen to your coach/team and their advice for the details.

And make sure you put a vid up when you win!

It'd be badass having a HW champ forum member down the line, I'm sure you'd have some great stuff to share with the rest of us.
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