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Originally Posted by Adam196
I find that prone planks & side planks are very effective in strengthening your core. (lie on your stomach prop yourself up with your elbows and toes and hold,same thing for side planks but lay on your side)
Yeah, those should definitely do the trick.

These days I try to build core strengthening elements into as many exercises as possible. I like to do asymmetric exercises (i.e. one dumbell instead of a bar) with an unstable base (free weights, movement) when I can. I go for ab exercises that are good for the core, do pressups with my feet on a balance ball, and do a lot of very strenous yoga.

The yoga is very helpful. Most of the time when you do a deep stretch your back bends and twists, which indicates strain on the core muscles. Straightening back out works the core. I'm sure it's something that a lot of people would benefit from- I see people stretching but letting their cores collapse, and that's just passing up a great opporunity to add to the exercise.
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