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Originally Posted by RustyRenegade View Post
So I just got a series of texts from who I believe to be the butthurt boyfriend.

Unkown number says "what's this Rusty?"
Rusty"who dis?"
Unknown "Jones"
Rusty "Never heard of ya"

No response but I keep hearing a Diesel of some kind circling the block. We don't have many people in my town so I'm thinking it's homeboy.

Interesting tid bit; He told the owner of my work Friday that I was fraternizing with a customer. I'm good friends with the guy so I'm not worried but it's funny to me that the guy is going to such lengths to get me in trouble.

This has went further then I could have imagined
Dude, that's sick. I'd check his background, see if he has a Special Ops past or something. Maybe he's a bitter ex-seal, who knows.

Have you seen the movie "Law Abiding Citizen"?

Okay, seriously, that dude seems a bit too angry just because you talked to his girlfriend.

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