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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
Are the mods going to open a betting line on this? xD

All in on toney and I might put money on this irl

Ken has 1 chance, that's a butt scuttle leg lock. Outside of that he stands no chance, not one goddamn shot in hell. Have you ever seen what toney can do to a mans body? By the first minute of the first round Ken will be pissing and shitting all over himself in front of his friends, family and fans. It will be the lowest point of his career and quite possibly the end of his life.
There is more truth to your post than I think people want to admit. Hay if there was a 20% chance he could get Toney down it makes the fight seem somewhat noncompetitive, I think if he came in with the strat to take the fight to the ground, I think he could win but if he cant take the fight to the ground or just decides to stand like a moron he's doomed.

I think A guy that has a tendency to eat shots and is in his later years like Ken is just the kind of guy that could get himself killed against a guy with striking like Toney's.

Wait a minute...
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