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Bulk and cut

Building straight lean muscle and keeping your body fat low is tough.

There are a lot of ways to go about it: I'd recommend:

Doing a stack like 1-test/4-ad mix. A few named ones I'd recommend are synovex-h, bdc nutrition t1 or avat labs superonex. I'd also being using creatine (malate) you can scarcely go wrong but I'd recommend no-xplode. Get some decent whey protein shake take it right after your workouts then take a casein protein shake next time you get hungry after. Also a good multi like megamens etc

With a good routine like 5x5 you'll see results. Bulk then cut

Edit edit: tuna, eggs, chicken breasts, green veggies, oats <-- eat this 4-5 times a day in a calorie surplus and you can't go wrong

Edit: I'm also on my iPhone so sorry for the crappy short infos

I don't know where you stand on this subject, but just to cover all bases. Also I do not recommend anything illegal but in a hypothetical situation this would be an amazing beginner cycle.

Trenbolone 75mg a day, winstrol 50mg per day, test. Propionate/viromone 100mg every other day.

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