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I don't currently but Ive taken a lot in the past, although no anabolic steroids. I'm about as big as I want to get, and I got here the good old fashioned way, over the spam of five years or so. I do currently use
: whey/casein protein shakes, megamens multivitamin, omega 3 fish oil and that's it.

I tend to eat 5-6 times a day. Whenever I get hungry I'll eat and just let my body guide my eating. But I do eat healthy every one of those, I constantly use slimfast/casein protein shakes as meal/snack replacements.. And I do that because I'm lazy/busy most of the time Well my training blows currently, I injured myself kicking a fellow in the face. I do a lot of situps/pushups/chinups but before I was injured I did a lot plyos in bjj/kickboxing occasionally deadlifts/bench/squats on the 5x5 weight %

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