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Originally Posted by MMAnWEED View Post
If you're looking for a good homemade weight gainer that helped me ALOT back when i was bulking, heres a good one:

2 cups of oats
2 cups of milk
2 scoops of chocolate whey protein
1 tablespoon of peanut butter

It comes out to be about 1000 calories and 80 grams of protein. Tastes fan-f*cking-tastic as well
Yah I've eaten oats with fruits + milk + syrup. Nice and cheap. Which reminds me I've gotta get some more.

Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
The first thing you need before a diet plan can be planned out is to find out what your caloric needs are based on your current height, weight and age. Start by going to this site and plugging in your information to find your current BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).

As an example I will use my stats. I'm 33 next month, 185lbs, and 5'11". My BMR came out to ~1896. This number is essentially the amount of calories my body burns with an activity level of 0, or completely sedentary. Now I will apply the Harris Benedict Equation to my BMR which will determine how much I truly need to consume in order to maintain, I say again, just to maintain my current weight.

Once you figure all this out, then we can get into more details on what to eat, and when to eat.
It says I have a BMR of 1653.21.
I'd categorize myself at BMR x 1.55 (moderate exercise)
Total - 2562.48 what's your food recipe...haha! Food is extremely expensive these days. I actually want to reach 185 so I should probably simulate your diet plan. At the very least 170lbs.
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