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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
Alright. Now before I get into the calculations, it's important to remember that once you start this, your BMR is going to adjust with your new weight gain. You will need to continually adjust your caloric needs based on your new weight, otherwise you will hit another plateau.

Lets start with a baseline of 2500 calories. This what your body needs just to stay at your current weight. For people looking to gain lean muscle, I recommend adding 250-300 calories a day on top of the 2500 in order to create a calorie surplus in your system. This will average out to around 2000 extra calories a week which should have you gaining about a pound of lean muscle every other week.

So now we're looking at a 2800 calorie diet, which is what you will be eating on a day off from the gym. If you do heavy lifting in a gym for one hour, you will need to consume an extra ~500 calories to make up for what your body burns. So here is what you need to focus on...

2800 calories on a rest day with no workout.
3300 calories on a gym day with heavy lifting.

Things are going to get fun now as we start having to get creative with our meals. I personally break down my meal plans with 40% going to protein, 40% going to carbs, and 20% going to fats. It can be tricky do stick to this for every meal so it's important for you to keep a food log of everything you eat for every meal every day. Tedious yes, but also very very important.

Caloric Needs = 2800 (466 each meal)

Meal 1: ~458 Calories (7:00am)

1/2 cup oatmeal
8 oz orange juice
1 Cup egg whites
1/2 oz almonds

Meal 2: ~470 Calories (10:00am)

1 scoop protein powder (whey concentrate/isolate)
8 oz milk (1%)
1 Clif Bar

Meal 3: ~473 calories (1:00pm)

8 oz chicken breast
1/2 cup brown rice
1/2 oz almonds
1 slice cheddar cheese
3 oz mixed veggies

Meal 4: ~445 calories (4:00pm)

1 scoop protein powder (whey concentrate/isolate)
8 oz milk (1%)
1 medium apple
8 oz plain yogurt (1%)

Meal 5: ~468 calories (7:00pm)

8 oz chicken breast
1 medium sweet potato
3 oz mixed veggies
1/2 oz almonds
1 slice cheddar cheese

Meal 6: ~498 calories (10:00pm)

1 scoop protein powder (casein concentrate/isolate)
8 oz milk (1%)
8 oz cottage cheese (1%)
1 medium banana

Total Calories = ~2812

Start with a diet that is similar to this; feel free to adjust based on the foods that you enjoy. I would also recommend buying a book that specializes in breaking down the caloric, protein, carb and fat contents of different foods that way you can do your own homework. As you gain weight, you will need to eat more per meal. Either add more different foods or increase the amount of each food group. Be flexible and have fun. The human body is the most advanced machine on this earth, you'll be surprised what you can accomplish with the right fuel.
Sweet! I'll copy this. I eat similar, definitely a scaled down version as I only eat enough to sustain my weight, but not enough to gain. Do you have a Monday - Sunday schedule for an entire month. Seriously it feels like I've been eating pasta for the past 10+ years every other day due to convenience factor I suppose...lolz!

Read about almonds and nuts. Good for the digestive tracts + protein.

Appreciate the tips!
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