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I would also give serious consideration to the frequency you eat. I had a great deal of success eating 6 or 7 smaller meals per day rather than one or two small ones and then one large dinner. Portion control will truly help loose weight rapidly.

I agree with the other responses in so far as white bread. If you need bread, go with 12 Grain or even whole wheat (read the surgar/carb content on the label).

Even though you say you dont want muscle - A little lean muscle will go a long way. The more lean body mass you have, the more calories your body burns just sitting there! You have probably heard the saying "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer"... Think if that in association to fitness. The more lean you are, the leaner you will get. the more body fat you have, the more fat you will easily collect.

You dont have to hit the gym with super high intensity training - Just simple plyometrics at home 3 times a week can help with that.

Good luck - And remember, a fit life starts at day one. Somtimes the results take a while to show. But you will certainly feel healthier sooner than you think.
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