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I'm not going to write out a whole diet for you, but I will help guide you through the process of creating a diet geared towards your needs. The first thing you will want to get is a journal of some kind that will help you track your progression. I use this one...

...and consider it to be the best one out there. It doesn't matter if you use this one or not, just keep track of everything you eat. That's the most important advise I can give you.

As for adjusting the diet above, feel free to substitute foods to your liking. This is my typical grocery list of what I keep stocked:

1x Bag Fresh Spinach
1x Bag Fresh Carrots/Broccoli
1x Pack Green Apples
2x Banana's
1x Bag Frozen Fruit (Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries)
1x Pack Sweet Potatoes
1x Pack Bell Peppers (Red, Green, Yellow)
1x Red Onion
1x Bag Almonds
1x Container Nonstick Cooking Spray
1x Box High Fiber Cereal
1x Loaf High Fiber Sandwich Bread
1x Bag Brown Rice
2x Boxes of Dry Pasta
1x Jar Green Pesto
1x Box Green Tea
1x Bottle Flax Oil
1x Bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1x Pound Extra Lean Ground Beef
2x Pounds Frozen Chicken Breast (Boneless & Skinless)
1x Pound Sliced Turkey
2x Containers Egg Whites
2x Can's of Tuna
1x Dozen Eggs
1x Package Sliced Cheese
1x Container of Lowfat Plain Yogurt
1x Gallon of 1% Milk
1x Bottle Fish Oil/Omega 3 Pills
1x Bottle of Men's Multivitamins
1x Container Protein Powder

It won't matter what you eat day to day as long as it's healthy and you're total calories for the day are more than what you are burning. Having a surplus of calories in your diet is the only true and tested way to gain lean muscle. Stick to six meals a day with an even breakdown of calories for each meal.

Also, I would suggest you limit if not cut out alcohol altogether. Your liver is responsible for synthesizing proteins in your diet necessary for muscle development, and is also responsible removing alcohol from your system. Unfortunately it can't do both at the same time. As long as your system has booze in it, your liver will completely shut down all protein synthesis in your system leaving you will nothing but carbohydrates being absorbed.

If you want you can have a cheat day. Mine is Sunday which is also one of my rest days. I'll bust out the ice cream, chicken wings and cold beer one day a week. The other six days I maintain a strict diet.

Lastly, every five pounds or so that you gain you will want to adjust your BMR calculations to make sure you are increasing the calories you need. As you gain weight you will continually need to eat more to keep that weight on. You're only at ~3000 calories now. I've gotta maintain ~4200, so keep in mind what you might be in for.

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