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Originally Posted by HaVoK View Post
He will be on the MMA Hour tomorrow to discuss what happened. Whatever it was apparently the commission (from the great state of PA) gave him ample time to fix it. He then failed to do so which is the reason Dana is so upset with him and led to his termination.

I've heard everything from back acne to weed to steroids, and now toe fungus. Whatever it was mmafighting reported Dana said it was bad...bad enough to keep him from ever fighting in the UFC again.

We shall see...of course there is a possibility we will never know the absolute truth. Guess it depends on how honest Nate chooses to be on MMA Hour. Personally it's none of my business and if Nate decides to keep it to himself I'm okay with that. I watch for the fights not the drama surrounding them.
I would have to disagree with it not being your (or ours) business. He's a professional fighter that wasn't able to fight because he failed to clear medical requirements therefore the public, his supporters and fans, deserve to know why. If he and his wife had split up or he fired his manager or changed gyms, that's personal and none of our business, him not being cleared to fight, in my opinion should be for public consumption.
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