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Originally Posted by Andy1254 View Post
OK, so I have been asked if I want to have my first fight this year and I don't really know! I am 16, 55kg and have been training Muay Thai for about 10 months and have been sparring for about 2.

I am just a guy that gets really nervous and know that I will be unbelievably nervous before and just think about the worst and probably forget everything! I just know I will be a shaking wreck!

So can anyone give me advice on what I should do! Mu instructor thinks I am ready but I don't know if I am! :S

Should I just take the fight and get my first one over and done with??

Also, has anyone got any advice on the nerves side of things? Any way to hold myself together and make sure I do the best I can??

And anyone got any inspirational messages that will calm me and make me realise that I should just do it and stuff like that!

Thanks, Andy.
Firstly the fact that you have a chance to compete placed in front of you. Very few people out of all those who WANT to compete will even get to the point where they are given the opportunity.

I once had a conversation with someone I worked with who'd competed in MMA before. He said blunty, "It was scary as hell the first time I got into the ring (that Org used a ring, not a cage). I felt like I was gonna shit myself. I was shaking." He then went on to say, "I won two amateur fights, and I'm definitely sure it was worth it to really know what I'm capable of."

The point being, its friggin scary to compete in MMA. Some guys wants to beat the shit out of you. Anyone who says that its not at all frightening or nerve-racking is bullshitting to seem badass (or they're deluded).

The point is overcoming those negative emotions and trying to focus on what you really want. If you can analyze the situation and say, yeah I think I WANT to compete. Then do it. "Ready" is such a non-specific term and its really difficult for most people to even come close to accurately assessing their own abilities. If I was in your position, if I trusted my coach and he said I was ready, I would jump on the opportunity to compete.

Originally Posted by luger0 View Post
I will give this bluntly but it will do you some good.

If you are unsure about taking a fight then you are not ready to fight.

I was offered a shot at something similar to you and accepted right away because I knew my instructor doesn't ask you if he never thought you had a shot at loosing.

If you are nervous then that is another sign that you are not ready to fight.
Now to address this. This post lacks any logic. You're suggesting that if he's nervous or has any doubts, before even starting to train for the fight, he should quit? That's pretty high on the list of the worst things I've read on this forum.

On top of that the very idea of "If you are unsure about taking a fight then you are not ready" is just ignorant. That sounds like some childish "balls up bro" Jersey Shore bullshit.

Anyone who's honest with themselves knows that there is a level of apprehension we all go through when something like this comes around. Whether that emotion is motivating or demoralizing changes from person to person. To assume all people react to the same stimuli in the same way is just wrong.

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