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Originally Posted by kantowrestler View Post
I don't think that will work out. Is the Mike Tyson thing serious though? That would be an interesting thing if you think.
Well I was making a joke :P but yea it probably would work in that exact same situation. I mean mike would probably just go to the body and it would be OV. That or he takes off your helmet but lol

Originally Posted by MarkHuntsNoggin View Post
I have been dropped twice in a fight. Once in highschool I was sucker punched hard from a kid who ran at me full force from behind and jacked me square in the back of the head. I dropped, I got back up continued fighting and ending up on top of him some how ( I cant remember the fight though I was in zombie mode) Then at a bar last year I was tackled by a bouncer during a fight and cracked my head on the floor. I got back up and again was in zombie mode,

So basically Ive had two or three concussion.. Am i more likely to get Koed now because of these incidents? Or have I healed up?
Yes, I think it would be fair to say that when your body stops growing your chin can't really improve and all the damage you take will be diminishing over time. That being said its not an end of the world for you to have had a couple concussions. If you get hit just right regardless of how your chin is or ever was you'd still go out. I mean you do recover to an extent but never back up 100% as it was. Squirrel would you agree with that statement?

edit: also i'd like to add ive had 2-3 concussions as well and I've not noticed a difference in my ability to take a punch.

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